Friday, March 31, 2006

Act 1 Turn of Events


So I m now single and quite a bit scared about it. I havent been single in 4 years and the man who I thought would be with me forever, since we were engaged, decided that he no longer loved me. which was a big shock since I beleived nothing was wrong. But now that I think of it, I can see things, red flags as some call it. I just dont think these "red flags" justify his desion. I m a strong beleiver of working it out, and that if you really love someone you work on the realtionship, not to give up if it's not perfect. I m must be quite alone on that. He broke up with me through an email, a cowrads way. Somthing that I would not beleive he capable of.

Now i have all these memories that I can't forget. It's like that movie, where the guy wants to erase these memories he has with his girlfriend. But in the end decided that these memories are worth to keep... Unfortanly right now I would love to erase thses last 4 years, it's an unbareable pain. I know so many women and men have gone through this too, and many to come.. but it turly feels like I m alone in this. In a bubble.. lol
I boxed everything of his and put his ring in an envolpe with his adress on it. Many of my friends wanted me to sell, give away or keep the ring, but I dont want it, I want HIM to have it.
He was my best friend.
I know I m must sounds so sad and pathtic, but this was my first REAL love.

Time heals all wounds.